Public Foundation «Osh Rural Advisory Service» was established in 1999 upon an initiative and with support of the Kyrgyz Government and Swiss Government, World Bank and International Agriculture Development Fund in order to provide local rural farmers with information and applicative knowledge on agricultural development.  

Public Foundation «Osh Rural Advisory Service» is a non-governmental organisation supporting farmers and rural people based on the analysis of their needs through providing knowledge, information, innovations and skills to increase their incomes, reduce poverty and achieve a sustainable agricultural development. The constitutors of the PF «Osh RAS» are local farmers of Osh region. The NGO has a license № ASh 1505 from the KR Ministry of Education & Science to deliver training and consultations with certification.

The aim «Osh RAS» is to achieve increasing farmers’ income and rural residents through the provision of trainings, consulting, development and spread of modern innovative technologies, improving agricultural production.

Education in agronomy:

  • agricultural cultivation of vegetables, measures against diseases and pests;
  • agricultural cotton cultivation, measures to combat diseases and pests;
  • agricultural winter wheat;
  • measures to combat weeds of wheat;
  • agricultural cultivation of maize;
  • agricultural potato cultivation, measures against diseases and pests;
  • rational use of irrigation water for crops;
  • cutting fruit trees, measures against diseases and pests.

Education for Animal Breeding:

  • feeding and maintenance farm animals;
  • control measures and prevention of infectious diseases of animals; preparation and storage of feeds;
  • measures against animal diseases national method;
  • improving the breed of cattle through artificial insemination;
  • rational use of pastures;
  • the technology of growing poultry.

Education for Economic Affairs and processing of agricultural products:

  • creation of mutual support groups;
  • processing of milk, vegetables in farm conditions;
  • training of design and engineering patchwork;
  • the use of natural dyes in farm conditions;
  • collection of medicinal herbs and their application;
  • training on writing business plan;
  • basics of farming economy
  • accounting, gross profit, inventory;
  • training, consultation groups to obtain a loan by social collateral.

Other activities:

  • joint assessment of rural areas;
  • rapid assessment of the market;
  • publication of newspapers, booklets, brochures, folded leaflets, information sheets;
  • the organization of demonstrations;
  • conduction of field days;
  • establishment of demonstration plots.

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